Eyewear For Children

Nowadays, many kids still believe that people will make fun of them while wearing glasses, and they won’t be able to play any sports. Children also think that other kids won’t like them. This is why they often forget where they kept their glasses or forget to take them to school. 

If your kid feels this way, they are not alone. Many children have gone through it. When children with impaired vision wear glasses, they are able to see better. Children use their eyes all the time, no matter where they are. If their vision is not good, their participation in school might suffer. 

This is one of the reasons why you need to have quality eyeglasses. When choosing eyewear, examine your new purchase for:

  • Durability
  • Material
  • Flexibility
  • Safety

There are many companies offering kids eyewear, but not all of them are trustworthy and reliable. The glasses of children must be designed keeping in mind their needs and activities. 

A top name in kid’s glasses is Nano Vista. This manufacturer makes glasses that are designed especially for kids, so they can enjoy their daily activities without worrying about breakage. Developed using the patented SILIFLEX material, Nano Vista uses a thermo-adjustable substance that is 35% lighter in comparison to acetate frames. These glasses are sturdy and durable, designed to be childproof and child-friendly at the same time. 

Another leader in children’s glasses is Miraflex. This manufacturer has become well known for creating glasses that are safe to wear for children as young as eight months old. Miraflex eyewear is made with no metal, has no screws, no nose pads and no hinges, therefore no adjustment and no replacement parts are needed.  In addition, Miraflex glasses are hypoallergenic, and made using the latest technology and premium plastic.  

Now that summer is here, most kids are out of school and spend plenty of time outside. All parents should consider their kids wearing sunglasses when spending the days outside in the sun.  If you are planning a summer vacation to the beach or cottage and looking to pack your sunglasses consider grabbing a pair for your kids.

Many Optometrists say that it is hard to catch vision problems in children because most kids do not know if they are seeing well or not.  It is recommended that children get an eye exam as early as six months to make sure that various eye conditions would not go unnoticed. In Ontario, OHIP covers eye exams for children aged nineteen and under. Parents would be wise to use this opportunity to check their children’s vision.