Why You Should Give Designer Glasses A Try

Why You Should Give Designer Glasses A Try

Is there really a huge difference between regular glasses and designer brands? Sometimes it’s a matter of personal taste, but designer brands do put a lot more effort and focus on the overall quality of their products, in order to meet their own exacting standards. The end benefits to the consumer are huge, and they can affect everything from durability and longevity, to personal fashion style.


The biggest reason to invest in a pair of designer glasses is the overall quality of the design and materials. While regular eyewear brands focus largely on the lens in question, the actual frames can suffer from substandard materials, making them more prone to breakage and damages. While the initially high cost of frames can give the false impression of quality, this is usually not the case.

Other factors to consider are discolouration, lack of UV lens protection, and deterioration over time. Designer brands, by contrast, offer much more when it comes to quality. While the price may be higher, the long-term payoff is much greater, as those frames will stand the test of time, while resisting damage. Plus, designer brands tend to focus heavily on extras like UV protection for the lenses, which can help keep your eyes healthy.


Designer brand eyewear tends to put a lot of emphasis on mixing exotic and pleasant styling, with high quality materials. Say goodbye to boring, lackluster glasses, and hello to amazing styles that can not only compliment your face, but add a layer of distinction to your entire fashion style.

Attention to detail is a must for designer brands, and they put a lot of time and effort into their craftsmanship, while keeping a close eye on ever-shifting fashion trends. Every year, these designers bring new eyewear to market that won’t just look good today, but for many years to come.


Designer brands realize that their reputation rides heavily on the quality of their eyewear, and they’ll go to bat when it comes to maintaining it. In the rare event of a manufacturer defect, for instance, it’s almost certain that a manufacturer’s warranty will cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Similarly, if your designer glasses do break, or require repairs, there is a much greater chance that the problem can be solved, thanks to the specific parts designers use. In many cases, it’s as simple as finding a spare part and replacing it.


While many eyewear frames can be adjusted to fit a person’s particular facial structure and shape, designer brands take it a step forward. They offer far more fitting options, which is good news for people who struggle to find a pair of glasses that fit right.

That, mixed with the durability and quality of the frames makes them an excellent long-term investment. There’s no need to keep several pairs of glasses around the house in case one pair breaks. They’re also more portable and easy to clean and care for, which cuts down on maintenance. 


While regular frames can be altered post-purchase in order to achieve a better fit, the simple truth is that designer brands are better at it. Opticians will be able to adjust your frames with far more confidence, knowing they’re less likely to break or malfunction.

In fact, designer frames can go through several rounds of adjustments as the years go by, and still retain their quality and good looks. This gets more difficult with regular glasses, as they tend to deteriorate more easily over time. 


If you’re pondering whether to invest in a pair of luxurious designer glasses, don’t be too concerned. While the initial costs may be higher than a cheap pair of frames, their higher quality design will give you peace of mind, not to mention confidence when you step out your front door wearing them.

There are so many numerous benefits to designer frames that the comparison almost seems unfair. From good looks, to premium materials, and the finest attention to detail and craftsmanship, designer glasses go the distance. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of your own designer frames, Ocuwear has plenty to choose from. You can even try them on virtually, right on our website, without having to leave the comfort of your home!