How to Clean Eyeglasses Like a Pro

How to Clean Eyeglasses Like a Pro

At first glance, cleaning your glasses appears to be a basic task that anyone can do. And yet, the fact remains that many people fail to do it properly. 

As important as they are for daily life, eyeglasses unfortunately do not often get the proper treatment they deserve. Instead, these valuable sight correctional tools only get a moment’s worth of attention if a smear on the lens gets noticed, and, if properly annoying, will only receive a quick wipe with the hem of a T-shirt.

It’s too bad because eyeglasses do so much for us. Proper cleaning helps maintain the function and longevity for a pair of eyeglasses, allowing you to get the best value for what is often a substantial investment. And, noteworthy for our times, eyeglasses have been found to be a place that allows for the growth of dangerous bacteria. 

As detailed in a 2018 study, many people only wash the lenses and not the frames of their eyeglasses, allowing for a buildup of bacteria (such as the bacteria that causes staph infections). This circumstance is mostly limited to parts of the eyeglasses that have direct contact with the user (i.e. the nose pads, and the bend in the arms that goes over the ears), and importantly, can be easily mitigated.

To better maintain these essential tools for daily life, follow these tips for the proper care and cleaning of your eyeglasses.

How to Clean Your Lenses

  1. Wash your hands. Ensure that your eyeglasses won’t get any more contaminated by cleaning your hands beforehand.
  2. Rinse your eyeglasses under warm tap water. Remove as much dirt and grime as you can during this pre-wash stage.
  3. Apply a mild cleaner. It’s best to use a few drops from a non-lotion dishwashing liquid such as Dawn. Or, you can use an eyeglasses cleaning solution from your optometrist that is safe for polycarbonate lenses and lens coatings.
  4. Scrub using your fingers. Gently scrub around the lenses using small, circular motions. 
  5. Rinse your glasses with warm tap water. If you live in an area with hard water, you may consider using distilled water for this purpose.
  6. Dry your lenses. A clean microfiber cloth or a lint-free cleaning cloth are good choices for this job.
  7. Inspect your lenses. Check the condition of your lenses when they are at their cleanest to check for scratches. If there are any smears, try repeating the process.

How to Clean Your Frames and Nose Pads 

Just because you can see clearly through your lenses doesn’t mean your eyeglasses are clean. And, just because you clean the lenses of your eyeglasses doesn’t mean your frames are clean.

To properly clean your eyeglass frames, thoroughly go follow the same directions as described for lenses: Wash hands, rinse under warm water, apply a mild cleaner, scrub using fingers, rinse under warm water, dry, and inspect. This time, apply the steps to cleaning every part of the frame including the arms, rims, nose pads, and anything else. 

If there is any buildup around the nose pads, use a soft toothbrush to remove the residue. Be very careful not to scratch the lenses.

Ideally, you should be cleaning your eyeglass lenses on a daily basis, and be cleaning your frames every week.

How to Care for Your Eyeglasses

It’s very important to care for your eyeglasses for one very basic reason: there is no real way to fix a scratched lens on a pair of glasses. Avoid this costly mistake through proper care and maintenance.

Whenever your glasses are not sitting on your face, the best place to put them is safely inside a hinged, hardshell case for eyeglasses. This will prevent them from any scratches, and help protect them in case of a fall. 

If you absolutely must put them down without first putting them into a case, be sure to place them upside down with the arms extended. This will keep them steady, and help them from flipping over onto its vulnerable lenses.

Fast Tips for Wearers of Eyeglasses 

Here are some more tips for caring for your eyeglasses:

  • Don’t leave your glasses in a hot vehicle.
  • Don’t touch your lenses with your hands 
  • Don’t use paper towels or your clothes to clean or dry your lenses.
  • Don’t use cleaners that contain ammonia (Windex) and lotions (hand soaps).
  • Don’t use rubbing alcohol that may be too harsh for some lenses.
  • Don’t use acetone to clean your lenses.
  • Don’t use hot water as it may impair the coating on your lenses.
  • Don’t use your own saliva to clean your lenses.

For professional cleaning, try going to an eyewear retailer. These professionals will likely be equipped with an ultrasonic cleaning device that can completely remove all dirt and grime from your frames.

And lastly, it’s important to remember that glasses don’t last forever. If your glasses are badly scratched, or have been bent out of shape, you owe it to yourself to get a new pair. After all, your vision is worth it.

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