Can Eyeglasses Damage Your Eyes?

Can Eyeglasses Damage Your Eyes?

It may seem odd, but many people around the globe are quite concerned over the long-term health effects of wearing eyeglasses. Some even think that they might further impair eyes and cause compounding damage as the years go by. For that reason, many opt not to wear eyeglasses at all, and may instead choose contact lenses or alternative forms of treatment such as laser eye surgery.

So, the question remains - can eyeglasses actually damage your eyes? This is a misconception that requires some explanation, and we encourage you to read on and learn more about this topic so you can be armed with the right knowledge.


There are no studies with demonstrable evidence to support the notion that eyeglasses make a person’s vision worse over time. In fact, this misconception stems largely from two factors - deteriorating vision, and formed habits. Once impaired vision sets in, it will gradually get worse over time, not better. Wearing glasses to correct vision does not cause further damage, nor does it exacerbate the underlying issue.

A principal reason people believe eyeglasses make their vision worse stems from the simple habit of wearing them. Once the person takes their glasses off, they may forget just how bad their vision was to begin with, not to mention the increased degradation that occurs over time. Therefore, they mistakenly believe that eyeglasses are the culprit, when they actually have nothing to do with it.


This particular myth is prevalent, but not nearly as much as others that have circulated throughout society over time. These include vision impairment due to watching TV at close proximity, eating carrots to improve vision, or abstaining from reading in areas with low lighting. Many of these myths stem from incorrect assumptions or a misunderstanding of the situation. For instance, carrots don’t actually improve vision, but the vitamin A contained within does contribute to eye health. 

Similarly, watching TV too close does not damage vision, but it can create eye strain and headaches, which lead many to believe that permanent damage has been done. It’s always wise to consult your optometrist to get the real story, instead of trusting what people say online, or out in the world.


Humans have been wearing eyeglasses to improve vision for centuries at this point, and the trend probably won’t go away until more advanced forms of treatment become rudimentary and routine. People wear eyeglasses to correct a number of vision impairments including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc. While several other forms of vision correction are available, such as contact lenses, bionic lenses and laser eye surgery, these tend to be significantly costlier than eyeglasses, with certain risks attached.

Eyeglasses, by contrast, are quite affordable, and they’ve become a staple fashion accessory for many people. With a bevy of frame styles to choose from, there’s something for everyone, and that has a particular allure for people who want to look trendy and intelligent, without undergoing a potentially risky procedure. 


The one pivotal rule for people who wear eyeglasses is to update their prescription on a regular basis. There’s no sense sticking with an older prescription that does not take into account your age and the stage of your visual impairment. Some like to get a new prescription every year, while others tend to wait two or three years (or more) before visiting the optometrist. 

As a rule of thumb, if you notice your vision deteriorating despite your current prescription, it’s time for an update. Sticking with an old prescription can cause eye strain, headaches and other uncomfortable problems. Many optometrist visits are covered by employer healthcare packages, but the appointment is not incredibly expensive, which means everyone should make a habit of it.


So, there’s no reason to fear eyeglasses; quite the opposite. Many people suffer from impaired vision of one sort or another, so it pays to buy a pair of eyeglasses that improve your eyesight across the board, leading to better quality of life.

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