A Guide To Great Winter Sunglasses

A Guide To Great Winter Sunglasses

When the winter season arrives, the sun beats down heavily on all that white snow, which can cast a lot of glare and make it difficult to see. That’s why so many people invest in a good pair of sunglasses to filter out all the harsh light, and make it easier to get around on foot, or behind the wheel.

Choosing a great pair of winter sunglasses requires a bit of pre-planning and knowledge, however. Before you plunk down cash on just any pair of sunglasses, take the time to learn what goes into the right kind, so that you can be sure your eyes will be protected throughout the winter months.


Great winter sunglasses are defined by their lens type, and the most popular are polarized and mirrored. Both are designed to cut down on nasty glare that can make it hard to see, especially when traveling home just as the Canadian sun is about to set during rush hour. The best part of polarized and mirrored lenses is that they can be modeled after your own prescription, so you can see clearly when you’re out and about.

Polarized lenses feature a filter that eliminates harsh light by cutting down on the amount of horizontal light waves coming your way, which can make it hard to see. This allows for clearer and more contrasted vision, making it easy to discern objects, people, and things like stop lights. Many winter outdoor enthusiasts rely on polarized glasses to see clearly, from snowboarders and skiers, to mountain climbers and hikers. 

Mirrored lenses are a bit different. As the name implies, they create a mirrored effect which reflects light away from the lens, while also cutting down on harsh sunlight glare. The best part about mirrored lenses is their ability to all-but eliminate UV light from entering the eye. Many outdoor enthusiasts use mirrored lens sunglasses to prevent things like snow blindness. 


You may have decided which kind of lens you prefer, but what about colour? Does it really matter? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. While both polarized and mirrored lenses come in a variety of colours, you’ll want to stick within a particular range to guarantee optimal viewing. 

For polarized lenses, it’s advised to choose neutral colours like green, gray and brown. If you’ve opted for mirror lenses, stick to gold, silver and blue. This will make it easier to discern the world around you in a more accurate manner, while still looking stylish at the same time.


A great pair of lenses are nothing without a fantastic pair of frames to hold them, so make sure you choose the right kind. For instance, metal frames are ill-advised, since they can become extremely cold in outdoor winter weather. Plastic, by contrast, isn’t as susceptible to cold temperatures, and will make for a much more comfortable fit. Other frame materials to choose include acetate and TR90, a lightweight thermoplastic material that retains its shape over time.

The style and colour of your frames is entirely up to you. Some choose for a more understated look with frames that are similar to the colour of lens they have chosen. Others prefer more wild and contrasted looks, especially for high intensity winter sports. With so many styles and colours to choose from, the possibilities are endless. What matters is that you have a pair of sunglasses that ward off harsh winter sunlight, while making it easy to navigate the world around you in a safe manner.


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